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Thread: rpms have red icon, do not install

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    Default rpms have red icon, do not install

    Downloaded Chrome and Skype rpms. They have an odd red icon. When trying to install either one Ark comes up instead of installing the rpm and the process stops.

    I might add that the Google Earth icon is red too so is this the norm and what does it take to install programs now.

    Leap 42.1 looks great, wish it worked great too but I am afraid to install it for others as this is a show stopper for sure.

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    Default Re: rpms have red icon, do not install

    Are you sure they are RPM's ???

    All mentioned apps are not openSUSE apps.

    You may have gotten the zip versions

    And how are you trying to install??

    For sure GoogleEarth come as a self installing app
    Skype does have an RPM (for 12.1) but there is also dynamic which is also a self installing app. BTW 12.1 version should work in Leap
    Don't know about Chrome

    In any case self installing apps need to be set to allow execution.

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    Default AW: rpms have red icon, do not install

    Install the .rpm files with "sudo rpm -i xxx.rpm" or "sudo zypper in xxx.rpm".

    And yes, the default icon for .rpm files is red in Plasma5's default "breeze" icon theme.
    Nothing odd about that...

    You can switch to the "oxygen" icon theme in Plasma's systemsettings5 if you prefer the "old" icons.
    I'm not sure if oxygen5-icon-theme is installed by default though, it's available in the standard repos in any case.

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