Having been away for 9 days I came back and found quite a large number of updates which I have installed. After rebooting I now discover that SMB4K has stopped working properly, I am using V4 btw. It was working fine before I went away but following on from all these recent updates I did yesterday it now does not.

It opens as usual and I can scan the network and find my workgroup, it is when I try to scan the workgroup things go wrong. For a start it usually asks for a user and password but nothing in that window shows what this user and password is for, no matter which one I use the workgroup name disappears and I have to scan network again to see it. This time if I try to scan it I dont see the user/pass window and the workgroup just disappears, occasionally it seg faults as well. The other strange thing is that if I hover over the workgroup name the master browser shows as my windows 7 PC and Linux has not re-claimed the master ownership after booting up, despite the relevan OS setting being in the smb.conf file.

Now Samba is working OK as I can use the smb:// protocol in Dolphin and open a share on my lan just fine.

Does anyone else see this issue? Has anyone any idea as to what might be wrong here?