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Thread: How to install 'barry-desktop' in Tumbleweed

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    Default How to install 'barry-desktop' in Tumbleweed

    I'm not finding a 'barry-desktop' repo / one-click or any other way to install 'barry-desktop' in the current Tumbleweed.

    I need to be able to use my BlackBerry, can anyone help?

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    Default Re: How to install 'barry-desktop' in Tumbleweed

    Follow the instructions on the Barry website for Fedora, it'll most likely work

    The openSUSE zypper equivalents for adding the yum repos are as follows, we don't have to create the repo.d files directly like in Fedora (You can, but the following is eaiser)
    zypper in -f$releasever/i686/ Barry_Desktop
    zypper in -f$releasever/source-i686/ Barry_Desktop:Sources
    Then refresh your repos, accepting the GPG keys for the repos you just added
    zypper ref
    Now, it becomes a bit less clear, since I don't see a yum "group" command to install what we in openSUSE call a pattern. Instead, the docs describe installing individual packages which to me is weird and subject to error, but you can only follow what their docs describe. Once you have the repos installed as I described, if you have problems maybe you should talk to Barry support to understand what is provided in the repos.

    The alternative to the above are listed on this Barry page

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