I have 3 computers running Tumbleweed, each for more than 3 months. All are running KDE

  • Laptop I5 with Intel graphics
  • Desktop amd bulldozer cpu with Nvidia graphics using Nouveau driver
  • KVM virtual machine

The April 7 + April 8 broke the plasma shell on the Desktop and virtual machine. Computer boots normally to sddm on Desktop and kdm on virtual machine. After username and password are entered the KDE splash shows with progress bar and then desktop background shows, but no panels. After a short period of time the background goes away and there is nothing but a black screen. The mouse pointer works, alt - F2 brings up krunner. Konsole, Chromium, Dolphin, and Kontact work as expected. - Can to use Alt - Tab or mouse to switch apps.

# journalctl -b |grep plasmashell
Apr 11 10:50:32 virt-fc audit[2262]: ANOM_ABEND auid=10000 uid=10000 guid=10000 ses=1 pid=2262 comm="plasmashell" exe="/usr/bin/plasmashell" sig=11
Apr 11 10:50:32 virt-fc kernel: plasmashell2262] segfault at 0 ip 00007f42f7c9c78d sp 00007fffaf47ced0 error 4 in libtaskmanager.so.5.6.1[7f42f7c73000+7d000]
Apr 11 10:52:14 virt-fc systemd-coredump[ss80]: Process 2262 (plasmashell) of user 10000 dumped core.
Is this a bug in the parts of plasma5 that were updated from 5.5.? to 5.6.1 or systemd/udev update?

I have rolled back my desktop. - Hooray for BTRFS snapshots!!

Can anyone suggest a workaround?