Hello folks!

I've been using Tumbleweed as my primary OS with much success, but after the last Tumbleweed update from Gnome 3.18 to 3.20, I lost some Gnome Extension functionality and I decided that I needed/wanted some stability. I have been using Gnome Backups to back up my files in Tumbleweed and wonder if it is possible to do a full restore from Tumbleweed to Leap?

My concern is bringing in a bunch of cruft with my files onto my new system. Is it a simple process to transfer from one to the other? I kept Backups at the default settings and opted not to Save my Download folder.

Incidentally, I will still be using Tumbleweed to a separate partition, so I suppose I could restore back to Tumbleweed and then mount it from Leap and drag it all over, but I was hoping that I could just use the App.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?