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    Quote Originally Posted by jansteen View Post
    Hi, I had the same problem and I registered just to tell you about a workaround I learned from Fedora.

    Follow these steps and you can get your edge-scrolling to work:

    1) Install " xinput "
    2) logout and login to Gnome 3.20 again.
    3) open a terminal and run: xinput list
    - look for your touchpad and remember the ID. On my laptop with an Elantech touchpad the ID is 14.

    4) create a file called edge-scroll-workaround.desktop in /usr/share/applications/ for every user or for just 1 user in ~/.local/share/applications/
    5) with your favorite texteditor place the following in that file:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Edge scroll workaround
    Exec=/usr/bin/xinput set-prop 14 "libinput Scroll Method Enabled" 0, 1, 0
    // Replace 14 with the ID of your touchpad!

    6) If you don't have gnome-tweak-tool installed, do so and run it.
    7) In Gnome-tweak-tool go to: Startup Applications
    8) press + and search for edge-scroll-workaround and add it.
    9) logout and log in again.
    10) pro-tip: you might want to disable Natural Scrolling for the Touchpad in 'Settings' - 'Mouse and Touchpad'

    Happy scrolling!

    (Most of these steps are straight from the Fedora forum, I adopted it a slight bit for OpenSuSE Thumbleweed, the original post can be found here: )
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    FYI, the last line in the .desktop file (name en_us) can safely be omitted.

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    Thanks for this info.

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