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Thread: kompare problems

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    Default kompare problems

    I'm using kde. The kompare is version 4.1.3. Some of these problems might be how it was installed on opensuse, I'm not sure.

    1) Running kompare at the command line is too verbose. Especially when it contains vulgar language like "Blend this ****..." It outputs about 10 pages of verbosity or so...

    /tmp> kompare file1.txt file2.txt
    How can it run that is not verbose?

    2) No file names appear in the gui.

    kicker > Utilities > kompare > Here you can enter the files you want to compare > click the browse button for source

    Only folders appear. No file names. This is an error. How to make file names appear?

    > click a folder name

    Can now enter a file name at the end of the folder name. This is the only way that I know of that it can be used in the gui.

    3) Options are not persistent.

    kicker > Utilities > kompare > diff > options > uncheck Treat new files as empty

    Changing options does not keep persistent the next time that kompare is run. This is an error. How to make it persistent?

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    Default Re: kompare problems

    I never knew there was such a command. I would normally use "cmp" or "diff" at the command line.

    Verbosity is bad when given arguments on the command line. If I just start without arguments, it doesn't seem bad. It was probably compiled with some debug options enabled, producing that output. Maybe you can report a bug.

    I tried:
    kompare file1 file2 2>/dev/null
    and it was silent. It just silently started the GUI which displayed differences.
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    Default Re: kompare problems


    I am using kompare in the hook for svn diff, and updated that. For those using kompare in svn diff, the following gets rid of all of the trash on the screen. There is a lot of trash doing svn diff --changelist mychanges, especially when there are a lot of files. The last line is just to return an error code of 0 or 1 if there are differences (svn needs that).

    #! /bin/bash
    ## Put this as $HOME/bin/diffwrap.
    ## Run kompare for svn diff.
    /usr/bin/kompare $6 $7 >/dev/null 2>&1
    # Return 0 = files are same, 1 = differences.
    /usr/bin/diff $6 $7 >/dev/null 2>&1

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