Yesterday I updated My Leap 42.1 Installation to KDE Framework 5.20 and Plasma to 5.6, after I found out through forum posts that from now on KDE Framework and Plasma are being built against Qt 5.6, which is not part of the packages in the respective repos any more, but has to be installed separately from one of the many repos containing different states of Qt 5.6 (wouldn't it be nice if such changes were announced somewhere officially - I heard there were such things called "blogs" - instead of being rather clandestine tips you have to search for in a forum ).

Installation worked fine and everything seems to work well - except KDE Kontact which notified me that Akonadi is not "working properly". Since the configuration has been okay and working fine since about 2 years, I looked for a missing lib or something, but the yast installation tool reported all dependencies as okay.

So Akonadi seems to be partially working (I get what looks like cached data in the applikations within kontact), but no interaction with the programs is possible, and the "Details"-Button shows no reaction at all...

Any ideas???

Thanks a lot!