Ok I have couple of problems, I just started using OpenSuse and I have couple of problems.

1. Codecs problems, I can't play most of the video formats and none has audio nor I can play mp3, I installed all codecs available plus VLC player, SMPlayer and one other but no luck. This is what VLC says:

2. I'm trying to run ruby script but it says "
Ruby >= 2.1.8 required to run wpscan (You have 2.1.2)
" when I make zypper install ruby it says newest version is installed and gives me 2.1.2 as newest.

3. I want to install screenlets when I try it says you need python-gnome-desktop but I can't find this package anywhere
4. How can I add repositories for example from Kali to OpenSuse(if it's possible) I've searched but I couldn't find anything.
5. I want to install foxitreader through terminal but when I try it says:
linux-euv6:/home/c0dered # ./FoxitReader.enu.setup.
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `r205262'