I am having a hard time trying to install a binary file. When I try to do it via terminal I end up with an error saying „The installer is unable to run in graphical mode. Try running the installer with the -console or -silent flag.”. Thing is I cannot install that file either with the -console or with the -silent flag as it's unsupported. If I double click the bin file it opens an "unknown type" message box asking me to select an application. I installed some X Windows packages with no success. I don't know what else to do. I am a newbie to linux (though the more I use it the more I like it over Windows OS) and a complete retard when it comes to openSuse. I don't even know the yum or apt-get equivalent. But I really need to use this OS as it's amongst the few that allows me to run 2 different molecular design software (if I succeed to install that second bin). And some functions are only available for Linux platform. The bin file I am trying to run is the installation package for Discovery Studio Client.