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Thread: Screen Locking (KDE)

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    Locking screen automatically is failed while the multimedia file is being played by some players, or even the file is over, Dragon is the one . VLC is fine with "disable screensaver" option being unchecked. How to fix the Screen Locking?

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    I haven't used KDE in a while, but from what I can tell there's a Multimedia section in the Hardware portion of the KDE System Settings - in there isn't an option related to preventing screen locking while playing media files?

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    I'm not quite clear on what your asking here.

    For me, screenlock does not activate if the system is doing something (playing multimedia, transferring files etc).

    Do you mean - you want the screenlock to kick in even if a multimedia file is playing?

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    It depends on the player, there is no plasma 5 option you can set to prevent sleep while an app is running, as you noticed vlc has an option to prevent sleep, so does xine-UI (xine sends fake keystrokes to prevent sleep), I don't use dragon so I'm not sure about that one.

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