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Thread: LibreOffice is resource hog of Radeon R7 370

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    Question LibreOffice is resource hog of Radeon R7 370

    I have noticed annoying issue, which also affects productivity when using LibreOffice applications. When hovering over any LibreOffice toolbar icons, icons disappear for a moment and are then redrawn. I also noticed that when working with LibreOffice my graphics card heats up and becomes noisy

    I ran aside of LibreOiffice radeontop to see, what's going on. At worst times when hovering mouse over LibreOffice icons on toolbar, radeontop shows graphics pipe utilization typically aroung 35 % and peaking up to 40 %. Almost all other GPU reusources are used in similar manner. X server takes about 80 % of single CPU core power during hovering test. Normally it takes just a few percent of CPU.

    I am running LibreOffice installed from Main Update Repository. My machine has an 8 core AMD processor running at 4 GHz. My GPU is Radeon R7 370, 4 GB, (with the open Radeon driver). I have UHD display with 187 dpi resolution. I have also given a try to AMD's Radeon driver (version 15.30) from OpenSUSE repo, but its performance was even worse that that of open Radeon driver. So I restored the open radeon driver.

    Is this an issue with LibreOffice or Radeon driver or both or something else? Would upgrading to Leap 42.1 likely to help?

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    Default Re: LibreOffice is resource hog of Radeon R7 370

    Which desktop?

    IF KDE then check settings in Configure Desktop - Desktop Effects -Advanced Are you using openGL or Xrender??

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