When I run
zypper ref && zypper up
I am getting a lot of "connection failed" errors. It happens on more than one computer and I am not sure if it's my Internet connection or something that happens on the Suse server end, but I would like to be able to set a setting that says always retry n number of times. So I don't have to keep hitting "r". Is that possible?

Also, while I'm not sure where the dropped connection problem lies, I don't have any problems updating my Debian boxes (not loosing connections to the Debian repos). Nor am I loosing connections to any other Internet data. I can stream video and keep ssh connections, etc... so I don't think it's a connection issue on my end... and I do have a fast Internet that is usually between 30-50 Mbps. Are others experiencing the "connection failed" errors on a regular basis? It happens almost every time I refresh and update. I also get the errors when trying to install a package.