I think there is bug in this section or it is just incomplete
since the recoding of more than a year ago.

Here is what I note:

1. Suggested Packages, Recommended Packages, Orphaned Packages,
and Needed Packages sections/groups work as they should.

2. The rest (of the groups) do NOT COLLAPSE the uninstalled packages
if more than one version exists, as happens in every other section of
the Yast2 (qt) Software Management program/tool. This means if there
are ten version updates of a particular package, you will see all of
them (multiply that by the many tens or hundreds of non-installed
packages and it becomes hard to make a simple selection) and with
the same version id. So this to me looks like a bug and I have seen
it on five 13.2 installs and one on Leap 42.1 but would like to see a
confirmation by others. Briefly searched Bugzilla but did no see
any bug reports on this issue nor could Google search bring up
anything relevant.

3. 'All Packages' and 'Programming' sections/groups have a definite
and noticeable time lag of between 10 to 20 seconds when moving to and
away from them. 'Y2base' is the command showing up in 'Top' as cpu
grabber (100%).

It is not a big deal for me and I can work around this issue but
Yast (qt) just seems not to be 100% with this oddity around.