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    Default GIMP printing

    Hi, I have a problem with GIMP printing on my Epson 265. When I
    installed 10.2 I originally had a problem, that once I installed
    gutenprint 5x the printing was perfect.

    I now have 11.1 installed, and when trying to print a 6x4 photo, I
    either get a 2x3 photo, a cropped photo, or a enlarged subsection. I
    don't seem to be able to get a 6x4 photo out.

    Having done a search it doesn't seem to be a problem for people.

    If I setup the page to 6x4 for the printer it seems to make the page
    10mmx15mm. If I custom set it, then the page is right, but still the
    picture is only printed on a 4x3 (approx) section. The print preview is
    always good!!

    Anyone got any hints or tips?


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    Default Re: GIMP printing

    For anyone else that might find a problem. The solution is to install
    gimp gutenprint-plugin. Then print using gutenprint. Works like the old

    Anyone care to explain what the point of GIMP print is then, since it
    doesn't work very well ?

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