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Thread: Desktop, Gnome or KDE?

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    Bmtt NNTP User

    Default Desktop, Gnome or KDE?

    Whats the advantage of Gnome over Kde or Kde over Gnome?

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    Default Re: Desktop, Gnome or KDE?

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    Read up on them. It's all a matter of preference. Gnome is the default
    for some, KDE for others. Gnome, I was told once, tends to focus on
    providing things the "right way" so everything is intuitive and makes
    sense for everybody, while KDE provides options upon options about
    customizing exactly how everything looks and works. SUSE is probably
    one of the best distros at fully supporting both; on my SLED 10 SP2
    x86_64 box (based on opensuse) I run Gnome primarily but I run several
    KDE apps inside because I like them and they work like I want them to
    (konsole for my shell, k3b for CD/DVD burning, konqueror for web
    browsing at times though Firefox primarily, and kate/kwrite for editing
    once in a while though jedit and gedit are my primary text editors
    outside vi).

    Good luck.

    Bmtt wrote:
    > Whats the advantage of Gnome over Kde or Kde over Gnome?

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    cjcox NNTP User

    Default Re: Desktop, Gnome or KDE?

    Bmtt wrote:
    > Whats the advantage of Gnome over Kde or Kde over Gnome?

    My take.

    Both are reasonable desktop environments that will
    do what MOST people need... which nothing more
    than window management (to be quite honest).

    KDE 3 is a robust, mature desktop environment
    with an excellent communication model and
    a myriad of configurables.

    Gnome has become (recently) a fairly robust
    and stable platform, but still is forced to
    carry the ugly of the past along with it
    for compatibility reasons. It's when you
    try to really make Gnome sing that you find
    it falls flat on its face (just being honest).

    With that said, Gnome is the true desktop
    environment of the project,
    which IMHO, was designed to fix the extremely
    poor plumbing underneath Gnome (and basically
    they adopted something very KDE like... but
    sufficient different naturally).

    KDE 4 is trying to do many things. One main
    thing is to replace the pipes of KDE 3 with
    the volatile (moving target) underpinnings
    from If successful it will
    bring more intimate interaction between
    KDE and Gnome applications no matter which
    desktop you choose.

    The bad side of KDE 4 is that the interface
    designers STINK. Just about everything that
    made KDE 3 a much more usable interface over
    Gnome is gone. So, in many ways, KDE 4
    is very Gnome like... which again, is VERY
    close to what you'd have with just a simple
    window manager. Sure, the hooks and tricks
    are there, but they are so unreliable and
    the interface is so awkward...

    For people who don't know any better, they'll
    sing the praises of KDE 4 (4.2). But for
    the power users of KDE 3, it's a different
    story. According to the KDE developers,
    the KDE 3 underpinnings were a complete
    wreck (garbage) and needed to be replaced
    badly. So.. in the process they gutted
    all of the interfaces of every application
    and removed the ease of use??

    Obviously, like everyone else, I have to
    trust that the KDE folks know what they're
    doing. But right now, if I want to be
    completely objective about it all, I'd
    say the KDE team left the building... and
    I'm not sure who's behind KDE 4.

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