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    Default 'Ghost' icons

    Having whinged greatly on another thread about K4 I decided to have
    another go at it. Upgraded to 4.2 and am finding that the more I play
    with it the better I like it (told you so -yes I know). There are still
    a couple of things I don't like, such as dolphin which is absolutely no
    where near as good as Konqueror.

    But I digress, I have a problem which is really starting to bug me,
    well two actually. Ever since I upgraded to 4.2 everytime I boot in I
    have a ghost plasmoid in the top left corner of the screen (I use folder
    view), just a 'text' icon. Checking the details gives me nothing, it is
    just blank. I delete it, but it always reappears everytime I reboot.
    I've checked the "add Widgets" menu, and there is nothing there that I
    don't actually want, and am aware of.
    Problem two - sort of similar. I have a small panel on the left of the
    screen in which I keep all my favourite programme icons, once, after an
    upgrade they all regressed to 'blank' icons with no link (They look like
    text files again). I wasn't able to reinstall the icons on to this
    panel. Another upgrade and I could drag the icons onto the panel,
    deleted the 'blank' icons and all seemed well, until I did a re-boot
    when all the 'blanks' re-appeared, and keep re-appearing every time I
    reboot, the working icons remain though. I keep deleting the blanks and
    they just keep on re-appearing like an unwanted guest, or the
    I guessing I need to delete a sessions log file to reset the session to
    get rid of this and 'lock' the desktop to where it is when it is shut
    Also, is it possible to set up 4 to automatically place an icon on the
    desktop for plugged in devices, the way 3 used to be?
    Any ideas gratefully accepted

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    'KDE 4.2 Update Feb 5th - Caution - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums'

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