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Thread: Uh....what?

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    MrWeb20 NNTP User

    Default Uh....what?

    I installed KDE 4.2 from the Factory repos last night on my laptop, and
    noticed some package updates, so I updated my current installation on my
    desktop pc, as well. I thought that everything was great, and I was
    especially glad to see that there were kde4-konversation and
    panel-spacer plasmoid packages included. Woo!

    ...then I rebooted.

    I noticed at first that all of my application launchers on the panel
    (not other widgets, just the applications I dragged from kickoff to the
    panel) were white, useless icons. I figured it was just something weird
    from the update, so I removed them and set it back up with the correct
    application launchers. Annoying, but at least it was fixed.

    ...or so I thought.

    After rebooting again later, I noticed that all of the white launchers
    were back, mixed in with the ones I'd just added. What's more, I had
    changed my desktop from the Default Desktop setting to Folder View mode.
    That reverted, as well. I changed my wallpaper, and that reverted. I
    removed the networkmanager-kde4 panel widget, and it's back again. It
    seems that anything I add to my desktop makes its way into a permanent
    change, but anything I remove or change does not. This affects both my
    desktop pc and my laptop.

    This is a very serious annoyance . Any suggestions?

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    einheit47 NNTP User

    Default Re: Uh....what?

    See this thread:

    'KDE 4.2 Update Feb 5th - Caution - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums'

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    MrWeb20 NNTP User

    Default Re: Uh....what?

    Thanks! I searched for a duplicate thread, but not very hard.

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