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Thread: VServer on OpenSuse

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    solonbarbosa NNTP User

    Default VServer on OpenSuse

    Hi guys,

    I've just installed openSUSE 11.1 in one pc. I've just installed the
    text-base version because it's a bit old pc. However, the point is that
    I really need to install Vserver in it. I've tryed this
    tutorial:'Installation on Linux 2.6 - Linux-VServer'
    ( , but ir only seems
    to work with older kerner versions. I've searched a lot at google using
    all means I knew to find a way to install it on openSuse 11.1, but I
    wasn't successful. So, I'd like to know if you guys have a way to help
    me with this issue.
    [I'm about to download openSuse 10.3, which I believe has the kernel
    version used on the tutorial, to try to make things work]

    Thank you

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    ken yap NNTP User

    Default Re: VServer on OpenSuse

    Well it looks like the vserver project is still testing their patches
    for newer kernel versions. You could use the experimental patches for
    2.6.27. Since you have to compile your own kernel you are on your own

    If it's going to be a text only managed machine, perhaps you should
    consider Debian or Ubuntu which have pre-built vserver images.

    I did a quick search at but AFAICT nobody
    is providing vserver package from OBS.

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