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Thread: Openoffice and network files

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    steveedmonds NNTP User

    Default Openoffice and network files

    I have openoffice 2.4 and 3.0 on 11.0 and can't open files on a NAS
    device. (I could before Christmas but I can't now and I notice
    mount.cifs has updated). Other applications open the files fine. I also
    have problems with openoffice saving files on a NAS device and a CIFS

    This seems related to the problem at
    '[Solved] OOo 3.0 cannot save to network drive (View topic) • Community Forum' (

    A solution in this case was to use SMB4K with smbfs. Suse advises me
    smbfs support is not compiled into the kernel and hence for me (not
    wanting to compile my own kernel) a solution with SMB4K is not

    My only working solution to date is to mount the NAS server on my SLES
    with smbfs (which is supported on SLES9) and then create a samba share
    of this mount point to the SUSE 11.0 machines.

    Any other suggestions.

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    swerdna NNTP User

    Default Re: Openoffice and network files

    Try a cifs mount of the NAS in openSUSE with the nobrl option. Here's a
    quote 'from a web tute'
    > ...........OpenOffice doesn't use the cifs-style mandatory byte range
    > locks. The problem is fixed when you add the option nobrl into the
    > options for the cifs mount.

    But I don't have any idea if that's your problem -- can't hurt to try
    it though.

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