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Thread: Compiz - edges problem

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    rozbarwinek NNTP User

    Default Compiz - edges problem

    I got openSUSE 11.1 installed and I have a problem them when I set some
    screen edge for Expo or Scale plugin it works only till I reboot.
    Then edge don't work but keyborad key for this plugin does
    Also compiz sometimes disable it self and I have to re enable it
    Any ideas?

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    allstar1960 NNTP User

    Default Re: Compiz - edges problem

    OK - I have never figured out how to do a new thread in this forum. But
    I have a compiz problem.

    Occasionally, compiz will just stop working and my 3d effects go away.

    It will do this randomly when I am working in an app. The screen will
    kind of hiccup and the 3d effects are gone.

    I have restarted and when I installed, i followed the instructions on
    the 1-click install. I have nvidia 96xx driver installed.

    I even formatted the hd, reinstalled and still the issue remains.

    I am using suse 11.1 32-bit with a nvidia ti4200 video card. amd 3700+
    with 2gb memory installed.

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