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Thread: Icewm and XFCE in 11.1

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    francisco1844 NNTP User

    Default Icewm and XFCE in 11.1

    After a machine crash I went from KDE 3.X to KDE 4.2. I am totally
    dissapointed with it and want to try either XFCE or icewm.

    Icewm is already in the login menu so I am trying it already. How is
    opensuse integrated with it? I see already a set of menus. Does opensuse
    updates the files in /etc/icewm? Looking to not interfere with any OS
    process as I learn how to use configure icewm.

    XFCE is not in the boot menu. How do I get it there? Have a number of
    the xfce programs already installed (using yast), but it seems I am
    missing something needed so it shows up in the login menu.

    Is there documentation about how these different window managers
    interact with OpenSuse somewhere?

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    conram NNTP User

    Default Re: Icewm and XFCE in 11.1

    If you install the whole needed rpm packages of xfce it should appear as
    a choice in your login screen. There must be something missing. If you
    are sure that all needed packages were installed and still not in there
    you can add it manually in your xsession (/usr/share/xsessions.) My
    guess is you're just missing some needed packages with your installation
    to make it work.

    Here is a link that you can look up regarding xfce.
    'Xfce - Requirements' (
    Compare it with your xfce repository or opensuse dvd.

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