Hello people. Even though I myself am a SuSE newbie, I had to figure out
how to get my BlueJ working from the very first day I booted SUSE simply
because I need it for school. In this threat I'm going to explain step
by step how to install JDK6 (latest release of Java Development tools)
and BlueJ 2.5(Latest release of BlueJ - An open source java Compiler).
Here we go.

In order to develop with Java you need Java developing Tools. It's
simply called JDK. In order to get it, you need to download it from

http://tinyurl.com/czbnnd After you select the kind of Linux
you're using, you need to download the package that ends with
..-rmp.bin. Now mine is called "jdk-6u12-linux-x64-rpm.bin" but since
I'm using a 64 bit Linux, Yours should not be. After you download that.
Make sure you download it somewhere you could easily direct from the
Ternimal(Konsole). Launch the Terminal(konsole).Go under root.
> -su- or -sudo-

After you do that, it'll leave you in your home folder.
Find the directory where you saved the file.(For example if you were
in the home folder and you saved the file onto the desktop, just simply

PHP code:
cd Desktop

You could check the list of items you have under that directory by
simply adding

> ls

Just in case, to make sure that the file is there. Once you have it, go
into the terminal and write

> sh whatever-the-file-name-is.bin (jdk-6u12-linux-x64-rpm.bin for 64 bit
> Linux)

Then it's going to list you the terms and conditions of the package.
Simply hold Enter to scroll down all the points of them. Once done It'll
ask you to type in "yes" to continue or "no" to cancel.
Type in yes , simple as it is.
Once you've done that, It's going to start to unarchive all the files
in the bin. Once that's done It's going to start the installation. Give
it a minute or two to finish up. At the point where the tools are
installed it'll ask you to press enter to finish up. Press "Enter" and
give it like 5 seconds. After the terminal announces that the operation
was done, you can quit out. We've successfully installed JDK6. Now lets
move on to BlueJ


The newest release is 2.5 which you can find on 'BlueJ - Download'
make sure you download the bluej-250.jar file.
Once downloaded, Go into terminal, We're going to do almost the same
operation we just did. Go under root. (su or sudo)Find the directory
where you saved the bluej-250.jar file. type in:

> java -jar bluej-250.jar

Once that is done, Give it some time ... It's going to show you a menu
kind of thing. Simply browse through your files and find the folder
where you want to install it. Browse through your files, and go under
/usr/java/jdk6 or something like that. Use that path as your developing
tools. Install it. Once installed, it does not add it to your
applications menu, so what you have to do is go to the folder you
selected while running the installation and run the bluej file.

There you go. You've just installed JDK6 which is JRE included (JRE -
is just the java environment, that will not work if you're trying to
configure BlueJ) and BlueJ --> Sun's open source java compiler.

If any problems post here.

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