There seems to be an issue with Amanda as built for 11.1.

I upgraded from 10.1 and found that the tape device files - /dev/nst* -
defaulted to root:root ownership and therefore could not be written by
the amanda user. I could resolve this by adding into
/etc/permissions.local the lines

/dev/nst0 root:disk 660
/dev/nst0a root:disk 660
/dev/nst0l root:disk 660
/dev/nst0m root:disk 660

That resolved that issue and amcheck runs fine with my existing

Unfortunately amlabel is still unable to label or read the tape label
correctly - an HP DAT160 fwiw. I just get the following:

amanda@upbeat:/etc/amanda/mydump> amlabel mydump MYDUMP-03
rewinding, reading label, not an amanda tape (Device or resource busy)
rewinding, writing label MYDUMP-03, checking label
amlabel: not an amanda tape (Device or resource busy)

From what I can see on the amanda lists, this is potentially an issue
with the block size at compile time. I've been too busy to follow this
through and try a new compile but I'm pretty hacked off. These problems
did not exist in 10.1

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