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Thread: dcop problem

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    syampillai NNTP User

    Default dcop problem

    I'm running openSUSE 11.1. When I log into KDE (4.2), I can't see
    dcopserver running. I can start it up from the command line and it will
    start without giving any error messages.
    After this, I can not use it because if doesn't list any processes.
    For example, if I type dcop, it simply returns without listing any

    I tried erasing .DCOP* files, .ICEAuthority etc. No change.

    Some other setting is causing the problem. I am saying this because I
    can see dcop running if I log in as root and I can list the processes by
    typing dcop.

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    syampillai NNTP User

    Default Re: dcop problem

    No response from anyone so far.

    Anyway, I re-initialize the .kde4 directory to solve the problem. It
    was a painful task (I had to first backup other resource files needed by
    other programs such as kmail etc.).

    It would be good to publish config and resource files used by dcop (and
    other programs) so that end-users can easily repair what they want. I
    have come across annoying issues with other programs too. Usually, I try
    to find files in the .kde4 subdirectories with their names containing
    the name of the program etc. and edit it (with a lot of guess work).

    We may have to make it mandatory to publish config and resource files
    as part of any KDE program.

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