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Thread: Opera and youtube and the like

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    sexyed123 NNTP User

    Default Opera and youtube and the like

    hi im new here as u will gess, and sorry if this gets asked alot

    well installed open SUSE 11.0 gnome 4 days ago, and the first thing i
    did was install opera, well it seems what ever i do i cant stop the
    error bug thingy coming up with operawrapper crashed or the something
    like that. um anyone got info on how to mend it, cus i cant find any

    p.s if there is any more info needed just ask

    thanks for ur help guys and i hope to fit in with all of u well

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    arcull NNTP User

    Default Re: Opera and youtube and the like

    Hi, you need to be more specific about the error you get, so others may
    help you. First check if opera did get installed correctly. Supposing
    you did install opera from rpm package, you do that by going to terminal
    su -
    then type root password, then
    rpm -Vp /home/yourusername/Documents/opera-9.63.gcc4-shared-qt3.i386.rpm
    this will verify the opera package installation gainst the file you
    downloaded. Ofcourse you must change the path of the rpm you have
    downloaded, to your specific case, the upper line is just an instance of
    it. Then try to tell us exactly what the error says.

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