dear all,
i have been using opensuse for a long time, and in my laptop opensuse
11.0 was worked fine, then i updated to 11.1 and it started showing
strange behavior.
(my laptop is acer ASPIRE 5052 NWXMI)

here are the problems i face

1.Most of the time there will be a *hard lock*, and i had to force off,
by pressing the power button.
2.sound become very low.

fooling around with the first problem, by disabling some wireless
modules, some how i managed to get the machine up

i found that whenever i start X window, it makes a hard lock.
so every time i had to push the powerbutton for 20 sec to switch of and
reboot again.

did anyone experienced a same kind of problems??
funny thing is i installed suse11.1 to a new sony vaio laptop,
(vaio VGNCS115J) as soon as installed cheese, it locked the X, for some
time i could move the mouse. keyboard dead.
and sound very low
so i disabled wireless and webcam modules and graphics is up

*will installing the security update solve the problem?*

if needed, i can upload my lsmod, lspci and dmesg outputs.

my next aim wil be to compile a custom kernel and if doesnt work i had
to stick with slackware.

please !! any help is appreciated

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