reply to oldcpu
sound is less, i can hear, but not loud, not even 20% of what comes
in windows.
with sony vaio laptop, by adding the model option it worked like
anyways i can hear the music, in my home i use to connect it to
external speaker so temporarily the problem is solved.
i will try to get maximum sound by using various possibilities.
if i come with a better solution, i wil definitely post here.
thank you for the help and regards

reply to growbag,
earlier my problem was hardlockups, and i found that it was teh problem
with the user account, probably some mis configured configuration files
in the home folder. mostly it might have caused b'se i switched b/w xgl
and xorg, and tried various fancy things. and the problem with teh sound
is solved in sony vaio laptop. but my acer laptop the sound is less.
now the present situation is i can hear music, but not loud.


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