Some1 has to help me, pelase.

Here's the thing:

I'm taking computer programming classes and I personally like c#
(visual studio 2008 pro is the ****!), but in that class so far we've
been doing java. I've been "homeworkless" since the beginning of the
semester.. thank god its high school not college because that would fuk
me up. Anyways, I installed java( not so easy, if any1 needs to know how
to do it, ill post it up.) then installed BlueJ(believe it or not, i
dont know a word in german, but found the tutorial on how to install
.jar files in a german forum .. lol hillarious!)

So after the installation, I was not and .. I am still not able to
create a new project simply because of the reason that the folder
"is not writable" I got the same problem with BlueJ in windows, I can't
really help it in windows because windows sux and you can't do nothing
but bang your head into the wall, but since were in Linux now, please
suggest something, im trying to do it on my own but its not coming out.

Please help.
Thanks all. Sorry for the long sentences, its kinda my style

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