I previously updated OpenOffice on two computers via the repo at:

'Index of /repositories/OpenOffice.org:/STABLE/openSUSE_11.1'

It seemed to be working on both machines, but after running an update
on both machines on 2 February, OO will not start on either machine,
neither by user nor by root. A fatal error dialog box pops up after OO
loads about 25% stating: "The application cannot be started".

This occurs whether starting OO or an OO component (oowriter, etc...).
There are no errors or any information shown in a terminal window
either, OO justs initiates and then closes with the fatal error.
Deleting user profiles does nothing. Removing, deleting the OpenOffice
program directory, and reinstalling OO does nothing. There are no
indications of failed dependencies during installation.

Any ideas?

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