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Thread: Cannot see my own files

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    ramarrie NNTP User

    Default Cannot see my own files

    I installed SuSE 11.1. I created some new folder and files in my user
    account. Now when I boot up I cannot see any folders or files with any
    file manager. I have to switch to root to be able to see these items. I
    checked the ownership and permissions and they look OK. I created a new
    user account, and this one let me see the files and folder of the first
    user, but again not the folder in the account I'm logged in. Everything
    else works OK, I wonder if anybody out there have any ideas about it,
    I'm using KDE 4.1 Thank you

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    john hudson NNTP User

    Default Re: Cannot see my own files

    When you have logged on as a user, open a console and enter
    to see if your folders are there. If they are,
    cd <folder>
    to see if the files you created are in the folder you created.
    This will clarify whether it is a KDE problem or not.
    Post your results back.

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