I have just got OpenSuSE 11.0 working on my HP 2133.

I think the OS is much better now, I can play movies, use Skype, get
the webcam, microphone working etc.

However I still have some issues

1)The resolution is somehow off. Does anybody have a link where I can
find valid resolutions for the HP2133. I have messed around with various
resolutions, but it just doesnt look right - stretched etc.

Also, in SLED, there was a nice resolution switcher in the system tray
- is there such a thing for SuSE 11.0 ?

In addition to this, I have failed to get the via chrome9 drivers to
work with "3D" - has anybody managed this on SuSE 11.0? It seems to
complain a lot when compiling. I will try it again at some point.

2)Wireless networking

I am now using the "hybrid" driver, for the internal wireless card. It
will not work with the standard broadcom drivers (I have already checked
the PCI ids etc) However I would really like to use the wireless network
search tool which was in SLED. This popped up on mousemove on the system
tray a list of current networks and their signal strength, whether they
were encrypted, at a glance.

I am now having to resort to "iwpriv eth1 scanning" to get my list of

Anybody know what tool this was?

Also I need to load the driver every time suse starts. Is there any
command I can do to integrate the driver into the SuSE files, rather
than doing a manual insmod ./*drivername* from the directory I installed
each time I restart. Modprobe does not see it. I have tried sysconfig
and load modules on start, but either it does not accept the path or
something errors out.

3)SLED recovery disk

Is there a SLED recovery image available? I know you can download the
iso from novell.com but is there anything you can download which
restores the hp2133 back to its factory settings with all configurations
already complete?

I think there is a similar thing for windows. There is an iso on the
website but it does not contain a recovery image, just a lot of rpms.

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