I am relatively new to Linux - I tried several tears ago and got pretty
frustrated with it - but I am trying again and althiug it seems much
easier it is still pretty frustarting.

For some reason the back/forward buttons on Firefox mysteriously are
grayed out and stay that when I start up the browser - then on rare
occasion they will work as intended other times - whats going on with

The other thing is that once I configured Evolution it worked fine for
the first three days - now I cannot receive mail. I can see that it
tries and says something about expunging (the dialog box flashes so I
can barely read it). I have expunged and expunged. I have ensured the
config is still correct. There was something about setting the mbox size
- where do i do that and more importantly how?

Right now I am back to the bad old days when I first tried linux
because i do not know where anything is and most of the help articles
never quite work - but i really want to give it a good shot this go
around. So i would appreciate any help - Thx! much

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