Hi all!

Got a quick question...

Should I upgrade my 11.1/KDE4.1 system to KDE4.2?

I'm a fairly inexperienced user, but the install process seems pretty
straight-forward, so that's good.

But, what about my settings and applications? I'm using a pretty
clean/virgin install at the moment, but it did take me a while to get
wireless working (think I'm using ndiswrapper and KNetwork Manager, but
it's all a bit hazy now! ), and I've just managed to get Amarok
(1.4.1) working great, and connecting to my MP3 player - will I have
to set up these things again? That would be a bit of a pain!

I would like to move to 4.2 as people have said good things about it. I
find 4.1 very stable for me, but then I don't use any widgets or 3D (old
1Ghz Athlon, 756Mb, Gforce3 64Mb). I do find that it seems a little
'sluggish', and I sometimes get strange mouse behavior in Firefox
(related to the right mouse button doing strange things)

Will the update remove/upgrade any of my existing programs? Like
firefox, network manager, and Amarok? (don't want to loose bookmarks).

Sorry for all the questions, I was trying to keep it short!

Thanks for the assistance.


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