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Thread: system locks up

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    stormbay NNTP User

    Default system locks up

    I'm running suse 11 and it has been fine, the other day for some reason
    when I minimised a window instead of it going to the system tray it
    disappeared. After much searching I was able to get the windows back by
    using ctrl-f9 but then the system locks and the only way to get it going
    is to turn of the power.

    Cam someone tell me how to change it back to the way it was or how to
    get it working properly. As it is I can't go between windows and trying
    to do it this new way stinks.

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    caf4926 NNTP User

    Default Re: system locks up

    You don't say which desktop you are using.

    You mention sys tray - But I think you mean Task Manager
    Did you delete it?

    You can add it back but it will depend which desktop you use.

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