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Thread: jvm applets and memory problems

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    onckelinx NNTP User

    Default jvm applets and memory problems

    -My goal:-
    to run multiple (4) instances of one java application (applet) in
    different browser windows (though the same browser, i.e. firefox). Each
    applet requires a separate login and uses ssl. The applet is on a remote

    -My problem:-
    instead of assigning each applet instance it's own piece of jvm memory,
    it seems like only one big piece of memory is used for all instances
    together. On xp, vista and os x each applet get it's own piece of the
    jvm memory. The most visible way is when you close one applet (i.e.
    browser window), the other ones turn grey and become unusable. The
    biggest problem with this is that the applets run out of memory very
    fast, resulting in major lag and warnings all over the screen (something
    like 'freeing up applet memory failed, relog or lalalalala'). Not sure
    if those warnings are build in to the jvm or if they are applet
    specific. Which doesn't really matter actually as they become unusable

    -My specs: -
    opensuse 11.0 - 32-bit
    kde 3.5.9 release 49.1
    kernel i686
    CPU: core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz
    8 gb ram, 16 gb swap partition
    gpu: nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS with 3D accel, dual monitor setup

    -My work around/tests:-
    - Tried to run different firefox profiles, running in each profile 1
    applet. To no avail as they behave the same like 1 profile with 4
    windows open.
    - Having the java console open and clicking X (clear cache) on a
    regular base, has little to no result
    - Downgraded to sun java 6 update 7 (instead of update 11), as this
    seems to be the version that gives the least problems.
    - Tried all java alternatives (icedtea, etc) for sun that yast gives
    me. They perform worse than sun.
    - Opera & konqueror are no option. Hard to even open 2 instances, not
    to mention 4. The only browser that performs better than firefox is
    - I have increased the jvm memory to -Xmx1536m in the java console
    which results in better performance, though increasing it even more has
    little to no result.

    -My questions:-
    - Is there a way to force (a) browser(s) to assign each applet it's own
    piece of jvm memory?
    - Is there a specific terminology for this problem? I call it piece of
    jvm memory, but other terms might be more applicable. Would make my
    search easier I guess.
    - Are there any other settings/things/stuff/trics that can enhance my

    Thanks in advance

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    ram88 NNTP User

    Default Re: jvm applets and memory problems

    Maybe your problem is more code related. Are you using many static
    Is it an open-source application? Can you point to the code?
    I don't think so that there would be any problem with JVM - it's a
    very cleaver program - but if your code is wrong it doesn't helps.

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    onckelinx NNTP User

    Default Re: jvm applets and memory problems

    That is possible. But it's not my code, it's a proprietary application I
    use. I am no java developer at all.

    The code that loads the applet has however

    PARAM name="separate_jvm" value="true"

    which sould force the respective instances their own heap of the jvm
    memory. Though I can see only 1 jvm process with ps aux | grep java.

    So my guess was that some tweaks were needed to use it on

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