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Thread: I'm coming over... yay

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    MCSE101 NNTP User

    Default I'm coming over... yay

    Hi all,

    Well, as my name suggests i am MS Certified and understand a PC,
    However i'm technically a Virgin when it comes to Linux.
    We've flitered a few times and maybe fondeled each other here and there
    in the server room (Redhat servers at work) but have not had any real
    interaction on a personal level.

    I am however from the Novell camp in terms of favourite email client
    being Groupwise and the fact that to this day i still despise AD in
    comparison to ConsoleOne (iManager etc)

    I love Novells implamentation of there admin tools and am now looking
    to bring my home PC, media center and laptop over to the camp.

    I have a few questions (sorry for my first post being questions, but
    this is a HUGE jump to make for me a windows sys admin, and am hoping
    the community may help me with this move prior to me making the jump and
    forgetting my parachute.

    so here we go:

    1: My main Pc has a PCI-E ATI4870 GFX Card on a Gigabyte 780G Chipset
    3200 IGP Motherboard. Setup includes a Triple monitor spanned setup over
    2x 24" 1920x1200 monitors and a 37" 1366x768 LCD TV in the middle.
    Can and will Opensuse allow me to utilise my multi-monitor setup or
    will i lose this functionality.

    2: My Audio card is an ASUS Xonar D2X PCI-E which is rather new and is
    sublime in terms of audio. Will opensuse support this by default as ASUS
    have no linux driver support on there site.

    3: I own many beta and licenced versions of Windows (being a MCP and
    MSDN subscriber) and wonder how difficult by default it is to install
    windows in a linux environment (what emulation software is included by
    default, how easy is it to use, does it use VHD's or does it require the
    partitioning of a phsical drive etc any of you who use this any help or
    general advice is really welcome)

    4: Once i install Windows in a virtual environement using a VHD
    (ideally) can (like virtual windows on windows) i point the Virtual OS
    to a local USB plugged into my host pc.
    Usually i run apps or save reports from "whocrashed" etc in my windows
    VM to my local USB plugged into my host machine, Very handy.

    5: As we have a media centre pc is there any media centre software
    included. Can i play MKV files, can i send a spdif out using my ASUS D2X
    card. Can i play XVID, MP3, x264 and other HD content by default.

    6: Does anyone have any very valuable advice from when moving over to
    opensuse from windows. Things you learnt the hardway? I dont want to
    learn the hard way as i will probably go back to the easy way... ie
    Windows... and i really would like to move over to linux but with as
    much help, support and advice as i can to ensure the transistion is
    enjoyable... i dont want to make the experience a bad one if it can at
    all be helped.

    Thanks in advance for helping, and i really hope to be over and using
    opensuse very soon.


    P.s its 7am rushing around, did not proof read or spell check my typing
    and burnt my mouth on my coffee <sorry>

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    microchip8 NNTP User

    Default Re: I'm coming over... yay

    for the first and second questions, check out SUSE's hardware
    compatibility list 'Hardware - openSUSE'
    ( Usually, the newer your kernel is, the
    more chance it'll include a driver for a specific device

    3-4. Virtualization on Linux is very good and mature, I recommend you
    try out VMWare and VirtualBox (the latter my favorite). For the USB
    thingy, I think this is possible

    5; you can play virtually all audio/video files on Linux, with the help
    of MPlayer/ffmpeg's libavcodec and libavformat, which is also found in
    VLC, Xine, and other video players. For audio, we have Amarok, Banshee,
    Rhythmbox, Audacious, etc

    6; Advice: Linux does things differently so don't expect the first time
    everything to go smoothly, though this is very much possible. If you got
    a problem and get frustrated, calm down, breathe and ask for help. Don't
    just spew **** like "This sucks, I can't fix it, I'm going back to

    *'Get h264enc' (* - *'Get xvidenc'
    (* - *'Get divxenc'
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    deltaflyer44 NNTP User

    Default Re: I'm coming over... yay

    sound advice from microchip8, also, have a read of this from oldcpu
    'NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums'


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