I am hoping someone can tell me what went wrong here. I have an acer
C301 tablet. I have done the following, step by step:

1)Connect Cat5 Network cable
2)Install Linux 11.1 DVD, start installation
3)Set up custom partition to make sure no old data has carried over.
Create Primary 15GB, Extended 5GB and Swap 4.97GB partition. I used
Resier filing system on primary and extended. Clicked on Swap to create
Swap partition.
4)Finish install, reboot
5)Go to YAST, check for software updates, install all recommended
6)Pop-up during install showed my system info and I expanded to show
complete listing of all hardware and drivers seen on my system. I saved
this file to my documents.
7)Test Internet connectivity via Cat5 cable, connected to internet.
8)Go to YAST>Hardware>Monitor, click on card change and configured
monitor to correct display size (1024x768@60Hz on my laptop), clicked
9)Make sure 3D is turned on in Display setting.
10)While in Hardware Set-up click on Tablet>Activate this tablet>Tablet
PCs>Acer C30x>Test
11)Test confirmed graphics are now correct, but no pen movement
12)Went back into YAST>Hardware>Tablet>Electronic Pens Tab>Add Pen and
Add Eraser>OK, Still no tablet pen functionality..System froze..
13)Reboot works, but no desktop icons.

What I am trying to work out are why doesnt the tablet functiobality
work. And where did my desktop go??? if you know of solutions to either
problem I would appreciate some help.

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