I've got a weird problem here. My right click always acts iffy on
certain applications in openSUSE 11.1. For example, Firefox (the way it
behaves is always the same regardless of the application, but it doesn't
seem as if all apps do this). I'll right-click on the page to bring up
the right-click menu, and lots of times as soon as I right-click it menu
pops up and disappears. I may have to right-click as many as 10 times
before I get the menu to stay up, and sometimes I have to right-click
and hold it and drag my cursor down to the option I want. It's very odd
and getting very frustrating. Any ideas on what this could be?

I never had this problem on Windows but I do believe I had it a little
bit (not to this extent) on Ubuntu 8.04.

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