I have python on opensuse 10.2. This was extracted via a gunzip tar file
to a newly created directory just below root - i.e. /python. I used YAST
for the C compiler but needed to get some experience using TAR and
manually going through these steps.

In any event it looks like the make files installed everything OK. The
question is how do I "start" it and where can you do a command such as
print "hello world" or 8*8=64? Also is there a graphical interface to
this utility as well?

This is the directory hierarchy:

linux102:/python # ls
Python-2.6.1 Python-2.6.1.tar
linux102:/python # cd Python-2.6.1
linux102:/python/Python-2.6.1 # ls
build Grammar Makefile PC RISCOS
config.log Include Makefile.pre PCbuild
config.status install-sh Makefile.pre.in pyconfig.h Tools
configure Lib Misc pyconfig.h.in
configure.in libpython2.6.a Modules python
Demo LICENSE Objects Python
Doc Mac Parser README
linux102:/python/Python-2.6.1 #

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