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Thread: KDE4 4.2 RC1 X- and plasma-crashes

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    Knurpht NNTP User

    Default KDE4 4.2 RC1 X- and plasma-crashes

    If I try to do ANYTHING concerning plasma desktop configuration,
    changing theme, changing properties of widgets etc.etc. either X or
    plasma crashes.

    Machines: AMD Athlon X2 6GHz, 8 GB DDR2-800, 1,5 TB diskspace, EVGA
    9800GT, opensuse 11.1, KDE4-Factory - ASUS A7T laptop, 2 GB opensuse
    11.1 KDE4-Factory
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    Prexy NNTP User

    Default Re: KDE4 4.2 RC1 X- and plasma-crashes

    There are two other threads on this. An update fixes this. You may
    have to delete current .kde4 file, but update alone might do it.

    If your gecko is broken, you have a reptile dysfunction.
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