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Thread: problems with video players

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    mopidevi raju NNTP User

    Default problems with video players

    hello, i am using SUSE 11.0, KDE 4.0 ,i had installed "Totem movie
    player, vlc media player,real player"
    totem and VLC are able to play .avi format movies.
    when i click on *.avi files, they are opening, immediately the window
    of player vanishes(i.e. they are closing without playing ). Same *.avi
    files are playing well in windows XP.

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    ikurtram NNTP User

    Default Re: problems with video players

    1. Make sure you don't have vlc repository enabled.
    2. If you have any packages installed from vlc repository, replace them
    from the ones from packman repository.
    3. Make sure you have w32codec-all package installed
    4. If none of the above given suggestions fixes the issue, try
    installing smplayer or mplayer and see if the video plays in them.

    All the suggestions listed above can be achieved from YaST->"Software

    good luck!

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    caf4926 NNTP User

    Default Re: problems with video players

    'Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums'

    Box: Linux i686 | OS 11.1 | (KDE4.1.96) "78.1"rc1 | M2N4-SLI
    | AMD 64 X2 5200+ | nVidia 8500GT | 2GB RAM
    Lap: OS 11.1 | Celeron 550 | (KDE4.1.96)"78.1"rc1 | Intel 965 GM |
    Lenovo R61e | 3GB RAM
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    Capodastro NNTP User

    Default Re: problems with video players

    Well, I tell you how:

    As general rule, install -always- pm versions, it means packmann, even
    if the version is lower.
    - keep the vlc repo open, that is a great player. From there add also
    libdvdcss, necessary to play DVDs
    - Install also Xine and Xine ui in packman version, perhaps you will
    need some changes in your packages to satisfy the dependencies. From
    there install also w32codec-all, mplayer and smplayer, a great front-end
    for mplayer. Note: Xine, MPlayer and VCL are separate players each one
    with own and separate codecs.

    Depending from your system, software, running compiz or not and so on,
    you will need to configure your video output, because linux has at this
    subject many different interfaces. Here an easy and fast way: open
    smplayer and select a movie, it doesn't matter if you don't see
    anything, the movie must be just running. Select options-preferences and
    from there Video. Under "Output driver" are listed all valuables
    interfaces. Keeping the movie running, select each time a different
    driver, push the button apply and without closing the window check if
    behind you see the movie. I get the best quality by X11(slow), but is
    really slow, what means that I get dropped frames by scenes with fast
    movement or much audio. You can adjust that in options- performances-
    cache. Try just 4 times the given value and 4000 for DVD. It should

    3) Apply the same adjustment or another one witch you now as working by
    the other players. The nomenclature is always different, so, buffer
    instead cache or amount of kept frames, but now that is easy to guess.

    Let me know and have fun!

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