I´ve got a pretty **** problem. If any of the driver professionals or
experienecd SaX users read this, I strongly encourage you to help.

Problem: I've installed the NVIDIA Legacy driver via 1-click through
this site: ----- (selected third option). My current system is OpenSuse

After rebooting I just got the bash. No graphical welcome menu. The
only place I have a graphical login is in the failsafe system. Talking
to some people on IRC, they told me to use the command.

sax2 -r
That didn't work. The output os SaX was: Sorry. Couldn't initialize
configuration server. Please refer to the error log located at 'NVIDIA -
openSUSE' (http://en.openSuse.org/NVIDIA)

A second hint was given to me. I should use the following command in
*level 3* So...


init 3
sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia

Didn't work either - SAME output. "Could not initialize configuration
server" Now because SaX always tells me to take a glance at the error
log, I've saved it. I cannot analyze it though - I'm no professional
there right now.

Any help is very much appreciated. The error log is located at:
'7852d5e8395e780 - NoPaste - Paste it here'

Thank you in advance.


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