I just noticed some days ago that after running any QT4 app under GNOME
(OS11.1), compiz completely breaks with the following message in dmesg:
> compiz[9714]: segfault at 10 ip b6bc14b9 sp bfbdcaf0 error 4 in
> libfade.so[b6bbf000+3000]I searched all over the forums and I hvaen't found anything related to

this issue.
Can anyone enlighten me a little bit on how to solve this problem?


1. This behavior happens to me on two laptops with nVidia Video Cards
with the latest backend (NVIDIA Comunity repos)
2. I'm using X11/XGL repos on both machines.
3. I'm using QT4 from KDE4 repos on both machines to try to solve the
problem but i did not help at all

Thanks in advance


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