I'm trying to configure my KDE 3.5 with the menu on the top left of the
screen, a pager on the bottom left and with the rest of bottom of the
screen for the task-bar (more or less like default Gnome). This way, if
I move my mouse to the bottom left I can use my mouse wheel to cycle
through the desktops, and in the bottom right of the screen I can
mouse-wheel through the windows in the desktop. For me this works very
The problem I have with openSuse 11.1 is that I'm unable to fully
left-align the Pager. No matter what I do there seems to be a 1px
"dead-zone" on the left of it making the bottom left corner of the
screen useless. This may seem too trivial to post a thread about it
here, and at first I thought so too, but after working with it for a
while now, I'm really beginning to miss having the ability to "blindly"
find my Pager applet.

Does anybody know how I can solve this? Upgrading to KDE4 or moving to
Gnome won't help me because they both can't be customized to behave the
way I'd like them to (e.g. Gnome will only let me mouse-wheel through
the windows if the mouse cursor is over one of the windows in the
task-bar, not by using the complete task-bar).

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