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Thread: kdebluetooth4 doesn't start - how to fix?

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    Purpur NNTP User

    Default kdebluetooth4 doesn't start - how to fix?


    When trying to start kdebluetooth4 it doesn't start at all. just plain:

    Do you know how to fix the issue? (I've re-installed it already)


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    Purpur NNTP User

    Default Re: kdebluetooth4 doesn't start - how to fix?


    Please read this:

    [INFO] Channel view for #kdebluetooth opened.
    *NickServ* This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
    =-= User mode for Konk is now +i
    -->| YOU (Konk) have joined #kdebluetooth
    <Konk> Good evening, guys.
    [INFO] This channel requires that you have registered and identified yourself with the network's nickname registration services (e.g. NickServ). Please see the documentation of this network's nickname registration services that should be found in the MOTD (/motd to display it).

    <Konk> um... I have one question - but no account. may I ask it?
    <jkwood> Go for it.
    <Konk> Thanks.
    <Konk> kdebluetooth isn't starting at all, when trying to launch in OpenSuse.
    <tpatzig> berniyh: no luck. ask here/hime twice
    <Konk> I already re-installed...
    <Konk> ?
    <tpatzig> Konk: kdebluetooth in openSuSE 11.1 is broken and not useable
    <Konk> why did they implement it then?
    <tpatzig> the version within 11.1 does not work together with the bluetooth library
    <Konk> not good.
    <Konk> and what do I use instead?
    <tpatzig> the new version, (v0.3) will be released today or tomorrow.
    <Konk> Hey, that sounds like a miracle.
    <tpatzig> there will be an online update for that
    <tpatzig> be patient
    <Konk> Thanks.
    <tpatzig> if you want to try ... checkout the latest svn
    <Konk> I'll be posting that information officially on OpenSuse. may I?
    <tpatzig> just wait some minutes. i'll do an official release, when i have tested everything and everything works as i expect
    <Konk> minutes?
    <Konk> Dude, that would be awesome!
    <tpatzig> dont forget you need to update kdebase therefore. and these packages are not ready for 11.1 (KDE 4.1)
    <Konk> umm... means?
    <tpatzig> as soons as i am fine with the new kdebluetooth4 package (must be in the next minutes) i will diff the changes from solid and patch the kdebase package. when it is patched it takes some time, until it gets rebuild in the buildservice
    <jkwood> tpatzig: I'm glad to hear it. I'll wait for 0.3 to update my build script then. =)
    <Konk> yehaaa! Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your effort into this.
    <Konk> Have a great weekend.

    Now... THATS what I call awesome.

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    coffeyca NNTP User

    Default Re: kdebluetooth4 doesn't start - how to fix?

    Also waiting for this in other to get bluetooth working and also post
    notes on how to get Thunderbird, Lightning OpenSync and Nokia all
    working together ... might try a USB cable in the mean time (need to buy
    one :-( now).

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    michaelhust NNTP User

    Default Re: kdebluetooth4 doesn't start - how to fix?

    Hello coffeyca,

    following forum thread shows how bluetooth works with KDE3 components
    under KDE4:
    'openSUSE 11.1 KDE3 Bluetooth solution - openSUSE Forums'



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    TheMask NNTP User

    Default Re: kdebluetooth4 doesn't start - how to fix?

    Good. Worth a shot. Those guys told me that the update would be
    avavilable through the updater applet. Has anyone experienced progress?


    *-Stop crying, emo.-*
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