hello all.
this is my second stint with the chameleon, first time back in '98-'99.
i wasnt ready then; but as my new world order paranoia has elevated, i
feel using linux is a great first step in learning how to program and
build my own computer/toolbox.
...after a couple months of preparation, research, and hours and hours
of reading, i trashed the trash and elevated to opensuse on new year's
eve night. i dont know why people are so afraid. i havent had any
serious problems, and any issues i've had i either worked out myself, or
took the time to dig through countless pages of forums and wikis. its
all so much easier than 10 years ago! btw, opensuse has the best
community -- clear, direct, no infomercials (i.e. ubuntus), no nonsense.
eventhough this is my first post, you've all helped me, educated me
greatly.....and CLI is GREAT!! great CLI plus innovative GUI is my

with that said, i'm having a couple minor issues that i haven't been
able to workout through all of my searching. nothing major, just very

i've removed the panels, and have my widgets/icons free-standing.
however, my kicker menu icon keeps resizing itself on startup; whenever
i make it smaller, it will be bigger after i re/boot. and after i got
rid of the panels and widgetized the kicker, i cant find my "suspend to
disk" options anywhere in the menu, nor in my shutdown widget! they
would be very useful for my laptop, but they disappeared.
also, i'm using cairo-dock, because i hate the grayish boxes that some
of the kde panels have (like the pager, and digital clock, etc.).
problem is, if i open firefox on desktop 1, the icon will also be in the
cairo-dock on desktop 2, but not desktops 3 or 4. if i open it in 1, i
only want the icon docked in 1. also, sometimes the cairo-dock seems to
move windows from one desktop to another on its own (unless i
unknowingly do that by some shortcut or something).
can someone please educate me, help me workout these annoyances?!?

i'm using opensuse 11.0, with kde 4.1.3. (should i upgrade to
11.1?..should i wait until 4.2 is more stable before upgrading kde?)

sorry if thats alot of reading. but i'm excited about my first post and
getting my first help issues worked out with the community.
Linux is great! Opensuse is the most comprehensive!
all who complain otherwise are just lazy puzz!3$.
after all, its just a computer...

thanks in advance for everyone's help....and i will keep bumping this
until someone helps or until work it out alone!

--sabaka..25th dynasty

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