I never seem to get any updates to openSUSE 11, the ones I do get are
usually just "uninteresting" ones like updates to language packs and
stuff like that!

I try three ways of updating, first I try the konsole method with*
-zypper refresh-*, then *-zypper up-* - nothing shows up.

I run the desktop update applet tool thingo, it searches online and
then reports - *-no updates available-*.

Then I try the GUI method and first refresh the repositories through
Yast2 (I have them all set to manual update) and then run *-Online
Update-* from the Yast2 control centre - again, no updates are shown.

However, when I browse through there and change the filter to *-all
patches-*, I see several packages where the versions are highlighted in
blue (which I believe means that an update IS available), but they never
get selected to be updated.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks .

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