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Thread: Will 'KDE Four Live' effectively offer a KDE4.2 SUSE 11.1?

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    gumb NNTP User

    Default Will 'KDE Four Live' effectively offer a KDE4.2 SUSE 11.1?

    When the final KDE 4.2 is released this month and the KDE Four Live CD
    is updated, I'm unsure as to whether this represents a standard openSUSE
    11.1 install option or this disc is somehow specially geared towards
    KDE, without the regular SUSE base?

    If we cannot expect to see an installable CD of openSUSE 11.1 with KDE
    4.2 made available (needing instead to use the factory repositories to
    update a 4.1.3 installation), does the Four Live disc not fit the bill?
    Does it contain all the same base SUSE 11.1 packages, with the ability
    to install system updates, just like the original 4.1.3 CD?

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    BenderBendingRodriguez NNTP User

    Default Re: Will 'KDE Four Live' effectively offer a KDE4.2 SUSE 11.1?

    It's based on openSUSE and it's Build Service where the packages are
    built. As You could see there was a KDE3.5.10 LiveCD (unofficial) so
    there probably will be an unofficial KDE 4.2 LiveCD. Probably you'd
    still have to use the factory repo of KDE (not the unstable as there are
    now KDE 4.3 packages) as the "official" KDE in openSUSE is at version
    4.1.3. I just installed KDE RC and am quite satisfied with it.

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