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Thread: Lost in Metacity

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    Croques NNTP User

    Default Lost in Metacity

    I have only been a Linux user for about two months. When I installed
    11.1 I chose the KDE 4 desktop. Last evening I was 'playing' with
    logging out and changing sessions and selected metacity as the desktop.
    All I could see after logging in was the mouse pointer. Pressing loads
    of keys produced nothing - except prtscr opened a save dialogue. I
    switched off and restarted the machine by using reset but it loaded
    right back into an empty metacity. I eventually found I could get a
    terminal interface but startx and startkde failed. I looked through
    loads of startup configurations after getting yast2 running in the
    terminal interface but no settings I found could get me back to KDE. I
    even used the original DVD to try to 'repair' my system.

    It took me about 3 hours to find that ctrl+alt+backspace logged me out
    to where I could change the session type.

    My question is - why was metacity (and all sorts of other desktops)
    listed if it wasn't going to work? And why did the system allow me to be
    trapped in a wilderness? I clearly needed protecting from myself!

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    freedguy NNTP User

    Default Re: Lost in Metacity

    The Metacity session appears when you install some of the Gnome
    components, for example, gnome-control-center and its dependencies.

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